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Together, we can tackle violence

Each year more than 100 people are killed in violent attacks in Scotland. It's a shocking statistic but it doesn't have to be this way.We don't have to accept that lives are lost through needless, mindless violence. We don't have to accept that violence is an inevitable part of life. That's why the Violence Reduction Unit was created, to develop a national approach to tackling violence across Scotland - and to show that violence is preventable, not inevitable.Browse our website to find out what's being done to tackle violence.

Progress is a strange thing is it not?

Progress is a strange thing is it not? We forget what things used to be like. We will forget eventually that Scotland was once termed the most violent country in Europe, we will forget that once upon a time seat belts weren’t compulsory, we will forget that we once used to socialise in pubs coming home reeking of smoke. For these things are long gone. There are few people who would wish them back, for things are better now.

Redemption In Action – A Mentors Role

Peter 19yr's Old - Peter first engaged with the VRU on –  January 7th 2014. He had decided to walk away from gang activity, drugs and criminality after being arrested for breach of the peace and drunken disorderly on the eve of his step fathers funeral. Subsequently he missed the funeral and this left him with a deep sense of guilt & shame as he wanted to be available to his little brother. His biological Father contacted me and asked me if we would engage with his son.

How things have changed...

I thought I would write an update after spending the night in Glasgow Royal Infirmary’s Emergency Room.

After a slow-ish start because of the snow, soon the waiting room began to fill, the trolleys became occupied and the nurses moved increasingly quickly to attend to the needs of the sick.

Without going to much into detail, here is what I observed:

Nature Versus Nurture - The next in our sticky series

Our main speaker Byron Vincent discusses nature versus nurture, and society's obligations to its weakest.

In a powerful, personal talk, Byron tells the story of his own childhood on a troubled housing estate, of how his surroundings shaped him, and of the choices he felt forced to make. Faced with similar circumstances he asks who can say they would make different choices. Byron explores the moral consequences of this for the rest of our society.

Untangling the Knots: An SCCR Event

Practical Approuches to family conflict resolutiond

This conference has relevance to a wide range of professionals: mediators and mediation professionals; those working in homeless prevention, housing, education, parenting, health, youth workers and community development; as well as policy makers and commissioners.  The Focus of the conference is on the importance of reducing family conflict and early intervention, to better support young people and their families, to improve relationships and life chances. 

Moira Jones Fund ‘Celebration of Life’ memorial run

A 5K charity run in celebration of the life of murdered Moira Jones will take place on Sunday, 19 October 2014 at 10am within Glasgow's Queens Park.

The event, which has been dubbed a "celebration of life," will encourage members of the local community to reclaim the park and commemorate Moira who perished there in 2008. (take more space here) Furthermore, the run will showcase Queens Park's beauty and tranquillity to visitors to the city.